AARP makes 2.8 billion off medicare cuts.

In order to cover the many uncovered Americans Obama care cut 716 billion dollars from medicare. With that AARP gains an additional 1 billion to the 1.8 billion it already makes. AARP receives a 4.95 percent royalty on every dollar that seniors spend on its Medigap plans. Reform that would have cost AARP mucho dollaro.

With this I believe AARP may have given money to Obama with the hope that he continue with his Universal Health care plan. Many Candidates take money from interest groups money to finance the incredible amount of money it takes to fund a electoral campaign.

Perhaps  AARP  gave money to Obama so that when he took office he would push his Universal health care plan through, they would then potentially pick up the additional 1 billion dollars they did.

Was this fortune that AARP “stumbled” on a happy coincidence or a well planed and executed plot between AARP and Obama ?



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