Carl Levin… I just remembered this didn’t post the first time I did it.

Senator Carl Levin from Michigan is currently involved in many committees. This committees are many but the top five I found are: Armed Services, Permanent Sub Committee on Investigation, Intelligence, Small Business, The Great Lakes Task Force and Senate Auto Caucus. He has several industries investing in him. These business are Lawyers, the retired, real estate and securities and investments. Several PACs have invested money in him, Ford Motors, Flour Corp and the Sheet Metal Workers Union are just a few.
The Senator has been pushing bill S.1483 in Congress. This bill Protects U.S. corporations form wrongdoers who threaten homeland security. The Ford Motor and the Flour Company PACs would support this bill because it is a benefit to them in the form of protection from what can only be viewed as terrorism. The SMWU PAC would also support this because should something happen to their workers companies they can rest assured that the government would help the company which in turn should help it’s workers.


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