The battle for 2014 begins

In this CNN article it discusses the upcoming election for the Senate. With one third of the seats up for grabs  The Republicans hope to grab power. The Senate is viewed as one of the more prestigious elected positions available as the founding fathers wanted it to be the most powerful. They have many powers, the power to tax not included. The Congress is extremely different than Parliament. The biggest difference is that the President is not a member of congress but rather an independent branch. It seems like it would be easier to be elected to the house due to the higher number of seats available. 


CIA director resigns

In this CNN article it says the director of the CIA has resigned. In this article the author quotes from many of the nations leaders praise him for his leadership and dedication to the nation. The article discusses his impressive military career and praise upon praise is heaped upon him. However the article mentions very little about the circumstance surrounding his sudden resignation and talks very little about the controversial of sticking to initial  reports surrounding the  U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya.

This Fox news article    discusses the events surround the resignation of ne of the country’s most revered military leaders. This article is similar to the CNN article differing in that this article goes much more in depth with the affair that lead to this leaders resignation. “The move comes amid the unfolding controversy surrounding the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Libya. Scrutiny has fallen on a range of agencies including the CIA, and the director had been set to testify at hearings next week — he is no longer expected to do so. But Petraeus, in his resignation message, cited strictly “personal reasons” surrounding the affair.” This differs greatly from the CNN article in that this one paragraph contain more information on the affair then the CNN article did in it’s entirety.

The New York Times also posted an article. This article is much shorter in length and spends a good amount of time discussing both the affair and the generals past military accomplishments. This article seemed to focus more on the praise Obama had to say than the incident itself. This article makes very little to no mention of the controversy surround the Libya incident.

In this Detroit Free Press article they discuss the events surrounding the general resignation going in depth at both his resignation and his past accomplishments. This is however the first article to mention the possibility of the general continuing his service to the country “The world has not seen the last of Dave Petraeus,” Keane said. “He has far too much to offer.” This the first speculation to been seen about a possible return to public service.

This blog by yahoo mentions nothing about the controversy surround the general and very little about the affair itself. It seems to spend more time quoting people than actually talking about the event. It does talk about the generals history.

It is safe to say the media is in fact biased and the authors of each article are biased from the get go. Each of these five articles all have varying degree of facts to them. Most discuss the affair, resignation and the General’s accomplishments. However by deciding which quotes are important, how much to talk about the affair, the resignation itself and his wife all put the authors personal opinion of what is need for the masses and what is not needed.