Gun plans do not conflict with court ruling

 After the tragedy in Newton, the Gun Control debate may have taken a massive swing. Legal experts say District of Columbia v. Heller, has been of mainly symbolic thus far.  As it stand it is illegal for convicts,  illegal immigrants and drug addicts to own guns. Laws about unregistered weapon have been upheld as well. However should more be done ? Heller allows for better background checks, enhanced mental health reporting and the types of improvements that can be made to firearms. Should more be done ?

New  proposed measures include bans on some kinds of weapons and ammunition. However should it not be mandatory of  having to take a gun safety course and a psychological examination in order to poses one of the most dangerous things a person can own ? How many people are hurt or killed through weapon arrogance not just bad intent. A gun safe should also be mandatory so as to keep dangerous weapons away from children.   




Showdown for budget.

This New York Times article discusses the finger point game that is being played with the tax payer dollars. With the fiscal cliff coming soon their appears to be no stopping the speeding car that is the federal budget. With both sides pointing fingers at each other saying this side is to blame or this, one nothing is getting done. Maybe both sides should set aside their own taxes and worry more about the people the are paid to represent. “there’s just no reason why 98 percent of Americans have to see their taxes go up because some members of Congress on the Republican side want to block tax rate increases for 2 percent of the wealthiest Americans,” Mr. Geithner said.

Should a new deal not be reached where would the blame fall ? Most Americans would blame the president as he has become very powerful and  the central figure in  American politics. However is it fair to place sole blame on the president ? After all it takes both sides to compromise and as powerful as the president is he cannot force compromise.